Why Choosing BWEC

Ben Wood Educational Consulting LLC is a consulting powerhouse. It is also a global entity. Our operations are not limited to issues pertaining to the United States.

We began our operations more than a decade ago (2006), informally of course. Since then, we have grown considerably, as our clientele base has grown exponentially. We have expanded in part because of our outstanding relationships with our clients.

BWEC started out small. Overtime, our expertise grew exponentially. We are now able to assist our clients in various situations. Although our main office is in Pennsylvania, our reach extends in various countries. We help students from all over the world in their college admissions needs.

We provide multilingual services as well. We offer assistance in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and much more.

We may help you achieve your educational goals and other education-related initiatives. We are committed to our clients. Each individual is different. Our approach is tailored to suit the needs of every client.

Consultants are known to be passive and unreachable at times. At Ben Wood Educational Consulting LLC, we are always available to our clients. It is also known in the industry that consultants can be too aggressive in their approach. School employees tend to fear outside consultants because of their tendency to undermine their work. Our clients face no such issues when we handle a case.