About Ben Wood Educational Consulting LLC

Ben Wood Educational Consulting (BWEC) LLC is an independent educational consultancy entity. BWEC was founded by Dr. Ben Wood Johnson in 2012. Our main goal is to help students, parents, and school professionals.

Dr. Johnson is a professional in education. He is a specialist in college admissions and administrative issues in education. Dr. Johnson has many years of experience in the industry. He is knowledgeable in advising students and parents to right the right school.

Dr. Johnson is also skilled in a number of education-related issues. As a trained scientist, he has a pragmatic approach to educational problems. Dr. Johnson is a well-known scholar in education. He has an extensive background in school leadership, school law, and school ethics. Click here to learn more about Dr. Ben Wood Johnson.

BWEC helps students and parents learn more about the complexities of college admissions. We help our client discover the current educational landscape. We help them familiarize with admission process. We help students evaluate their strength and weaknesses. We also help them develop a pragmatic approach to college admission.

Dr. Ben Wood Johnson
Ben Wood Educational Consulting LLC
Founder & President