Ben Wood Educational Consulting LLC provides expert advice on issues pertaining to school leadership and administration. We provide a comprehensive consultancy service in three areas: college admissions, school curriculum, and leadership coach.

Our Major Services

College Admissions

We provide the following:

  • We help parents and students find the right college or university.
  • We will guide you during the admission process.
  • We will help you examine your options.
  • We will help you select the right school and campus that will meet your needs.
  • We will help you shape and polish your application before submission.

Please note that we will not help you write essays and other writing requirements for the purpose of school admission. However, we will help you represent yourself in a way that enhances the overall posture of your application.

School Curriculum

We provide the following:

  • We advise our clients on issues pertaining to K-12 educational matters.
  • We are armed with statistical knowledge and other insights regarding current trends in education.
  • We work with our clients to improve their organizational setting.
  • We have the technical expertise to help our clients reach their goals.
  • We use fact based predictions and other metrics to allow our client to reach their full potential.
  • We give them the tools and the expertise to allow their school organization to soar.
Leadership Coaching

We provide the following:

  • We help school professionals develop the skills and the knowledge to deal with an array of issues in education.
  • We help school organization deal with run of the mil issues in school administration.
  • We help school officials identify and address leadership problems within their schools.
  • We provide a leadership program, which educates school leaders on various education-related problems, including school culture, information technology, and legal hurdles.
  • We provide a school law workshop, which address some of the current legal issues in education.
  • We help school leaders develop effective school policy on various issues, notably technology use and bullying.
  • We work with our client on matters pertaining to school finance and fiscal responsibility.
  • We offer our expertise to help our clients meet their financial goals.
  • We help them build a strong financial foundation for their school organization.