The popular consulting package includes a twenty-five steps process. Please note that this approach is not set in stone. It might be shortened to meet you specific needs. You may choose a more stringent, but limited, strategy.

Some of these steps occur simultaneously. Others may take place independently. These steps constitute the bulk of our college admission services. These steps are as follows:

Step 1
Setting up goals

We work with you to establish realistic goals.

Step 2
Explore challenges

We identify challenges and elaborate a concise strategy to tackle them.

Step 3
Evaluate high school transcript

We evaluate your transcript to determine a solid ground upon which to build your academic profile.

Step 4
Examine high school curriculum

We examine you current courses in relation to your academic goals.

Step 5
Assessing strength and weaknesses

We assess your academic strength and weaknesses. We recommend changes if necessary or if possible.

Step 6
Build potential college/university list

We help you build a list of potential colleges and universities.

Step 7
Determine suitable colleges/universities

We make recommendations for specific colleges or universities based on your academic goals and academic profile.

Step 8
Setting up application calendar

We establish potential dates to submit applications to chosen schools.

Step 9
Setting up testing strategies

We determine test taking options, including tutoring and study guides.

Step 10
Setting up test taking dates

We help you determine the best time to register for important tests (for prospective graduate students as well).

Step 11
Establishing resume building strategies

We help you develop strategies to build you resume. We recommend extracurricular activities and other volunteer works.

Step 12
Evaluating financial aid options

We help you consider available options to pay for your education.

Step 13
Determining financial aid options

We help you choose the best financial options.

Step 14
Determining financial aid applications and submission dates

We help you get familiar with both federal and state financial aid processes, including the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the American Education Services (AES), and the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA).

Step 15
Determining financial aid deadline

We review financial aid application dates, deadlines, and submission procedures.

Step 16
Setting up application completion time frame

We set up tentative dates to start working on applications.

Step 17
Building resume

We help you put together a sound resume.

Step 18
Reviewing resume

During this phase, we review your resume and make recommendations for improvement if necessary.

Step 19
Setting up college visit

We help you establish request to visit prospective colleges and universities.

Step 20
Submitting applications

We help you compile a sound your application package and ready for submission.

Step 21
Interview preparation

We help you get ready for interview with perspective colleges and universities.

Step 22
Assessing admissions offers

We help you assess the strength and potentials weaknesses of admission s offers.

Step 23
Evaluating final decision

We help you examine the pros and cons of admissions offer. We also help you understand the ramifications of the acceptance (or the rejection) of any offer.

Step 24
Gearing up for a new journey

We wrap up our services. We provide you a portfolio, which contains a summary of all the activities completed since the signing of a retaining agreement.

Step 25
Last meeting

We wish you good luck in your academic endeavor. Have fun, as you grow stronger intellectually and personally.