School Organizations Price

The service we provide to school organizations varies considerably. Our price also varies according to the situation at hand. When you contact us for the first time, we will set up an appointment to meet. The initial consultation is $250 an hour.

During the initial meeting, we will discuss your situation. We will set up a time-frame to come to the organization for a summary observation. There is no charge for the observation.

We will then set up an appointment to meet with you a second time (a follow-up meeting). We will work with you to determine your needs. We will consider potential options as to how to help you reach your goals. We charge a regular consultation fee for the second meeting ($250 per hour).

During our follow up meeting, we will present you with a comprehensive plan to solving your problem. We will provide you details as to how long it might take to solve your problems. We will also discuss how much our service will cost.

If you were to decide to retain our service, we would require you to sign a formal retaining agreement. The agreement would detail our payment and other accommodations.

We are dedicated to helping you meet your expectations. Call us today at: 814-380-3217. Let us help you.