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Payment Related

Will I receive a bill?
Yes. You will be billed, depending on the agreement you signed.
When will I be billed?
In general, 15% of the retaining fee agreement is due upon the signing of the documents. The remaining portion of the payment will be billed every month thereafter for services, which duration is longer than three months. The remaining portion of the bill will be due upon the completion of the services, which duration is shorter than three months.
Will I continue to receive a bill?
Yes. However, you will be billed until the service fee is paid in full.
How do I pay for services?
You can pay BWEC via PayPal. You may find a link to PayPal on our website. You may also pay with a money order. We do not accept cash. You may also make a personal check, which must be payable to Ben Wood Educational Consulting LLC.

Account Related

Does BWEC offer discounts?
Yes. We offer seasonal and/or special occasion discounts. We offer referral discounts for new clients. Existing clients may also enjoy a discounted price for their past referrals.
How do I know what is on my file?
Every client has a file with BWEC, which is turned over to the client at the end of the service. The final file is given to clients in the form of a portfolio, which contains a summary of activities taken during the life of the service.
Do I need to register for an account with BWEC?
No. BWEC does not offer accounts to its clients.
How do I keep track of my activities?
It is up to each client to keep track of his or her activities. However, at the end of the service, BWEC provides the client a snapshot of activities recommended to clients, activities taken on behalf of clients, and activities clients took on their own.

Services Related

How long is the process for college admission?
The process may vary depending on the initial date of consultation. The duration of the service is relative to the number of years the student has spent in high school.
Can I contract BWEC for more than one student?
Yes. You could have several students simultaneously. But the retaining fee agreement will be separate for each student. Each student will have his or her own file. BWEC will work with each student separately.
Do I have to sign a retaining agreement with BWEC?
No. Our services are available on a freelance-basis.
What is the fee for a freelance service?
You may pay BWEC per hour or per day, depending on the requested service or the service we provided.

Retaining Agreement Related

Can I get a refund?
No. The contractual agreement you sign does not allow any refund.
What type of agreement is the retaining fee agreement?
It is a retaining agreement. BWEC agreed to perform under specific circumstances. You agreed to pay for the service(s) received.
Can BWEC drop my case?
Yes. BWEC reserves the right to drop a client if he or she refuses to corporate.
Can I withdraw from BWEC?
Yes. But so long as BWEC is willing to perform the agreed service, the client cannot demand a refund.