College Admissions

We help parents and students find the right college or university.

School Curriculum

We advise our clients on issues pertaining to K-12 educational matters.

Leadership Coaching

We help school officials address leadership issues within their schools.

What We Do?

We provide consulting services to parents and students for college admissions. We also provide consulting services for school professionals.

Ben Wood Johnson

How It Works?

Each case is different. Each client has a situation, which could only be addressed on a one-on-one basis. Our services are tailored for your specific needs.

Why Choosing Us?

Across Pennsylvania, BWEC is a consulting powerhouse. But it is also a global entity. Our reach is beyond the states. We have the expertise to make a difference.

Ben Wood Educational Consulting LLC

Dr. Ben Wood Johnson

Over the years, Dr. Ben Wood Johnson has attended and visited a number of schools, colleges, and universities across the United States. Since 2003, Dr. Johnson entered the American educational system as a student. During this period, he has counseled a number of students in their educational journey. Let him do the same for you. Dr. Johnson has amassed the necessary skills to help you succeed in your educational endeavors. Call us today for a free consultation! Let us put you on the right path towards your future. Tel: 814-380-3217||P.O. Box 214 Middletown PA 17057.